0176 – Victorinox Classic SD (Vice President of the United States)

This is a 58mm black Classic SD with on the front side the signature of (then Vice President) Joe Biden, and on the back side the seal of the Vice President of the United States.

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0175 – Victorinox Centurion (Dutch Army issue, 1993 model)

This is the 111m Dutch Army Knife, the standard issue of the Dutch armed forces (army, air force and navy). This is the 1993 model, which was replaced by the new (and current) model in 2010.

The scales are green (olive drab) nylon, with the so called “interservice” logo of the Dutch armed forces.

The interservice logo represents three branches of the Dutch armed forces: the army, navy and air force.

For some reason, “T56” is stamped on the back scale. I haven’t yet figured out what it means. I have seen someone with a different number stamped on the back scale, he suggested it may have been a (numbered) test run of these knives before it as decided to issue these to the troops.

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0173 – Wenger Commander (Europa Star series)

This is a 85mm Wenger Commander from the Europa Star Series. In this series there are also an Esquire, a Traveler with synthetic scales and a Traveler with alox scales.

Instead of the Wenger logo these knives have the logo of the European Union, with the 12 stars on azure background.

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0170 – Victorinox Huntsman (US Army)

This is a camo 91mm Victorinox Huntsman with metal inlaid emblem of the United States Department of the Army.

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