0083 – Wenger PocketGrip (SOLD)

This knife is no longer in my collection

This is a red 85mm Wenger PocketGrip. It has non folding pliers, a hex bit driver and bits.

A cartridge holding six hex bits is located under the handle:

These bits go in a bit extender that is on the bottom side of the knife:

The (magnetic) extender holding a bit can be placed in the metal plier casing on the back of the knife, like this:

Apart from the pliers and bit-driver set, the knife also has some of the more common Swiss Army Knife tools:

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0047 – Victorinox Minichamp I (US Air Force)

This is a blue 58mm Minichamp I with United States Air Force seal on the front, instead of the Victorinox Shield. As far as I know the US Air Force Classic is the only “official” Victorinox knife with US Air Force logo, so I think this Minichamp is a modification someone made. Nevertheless it’s very nice to have!

As said it’s a Minichamp I, meaning it is the Minichamp in it’s original configuration. Later models have a cap lifter with Phillips screwdriver, and a ballpoint pen instead of the toothpick.

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