0094 – Victorinox SwissFlash Laser 1GB

This is the 58 mm SwissFlash Laser, basically a Signature with a USB Flash Drive (1 GB capacity) and a laser pointer. The Victorinox shield on the front is the button of the laser pointer.

The USB Flash Drive is removable:

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0057 – Victorinox Midnite Manager (UNHCR)

This is a red 58mm Midnite Manager with the logo of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The red shield is the button for a red LED-light.

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0036 – Victorinox Signature II (SOLD)

This knife is no longer in my collection

This is a blue 58mm Victorinix Signature. It is basically a Classic SD with a retractable ballpoint pen instead of the toothpick. The knife is called the Signature II to distinquish it from the earlier Signature model which has a removable pen instead of the retractable pen.

This knife has “Fargo FX’ printed on the front, which clearly refers to the Fargo TV-series which was broadcasted first on FX, and later on Netflix.

If you haven’t already watched this series, you should do so immediately! It is simply BRILLIANT!

Because the Fargo print is on the front, the Victorinox shield has moved to the backside.

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