0082 – Victorinox Money Clip

This is a red 74mm Victorinox Money Clip with smooth alox scales.

As you can see the scissors have the adjustable screw pivot. Victorinox stopped using those in 1991 (they use rivets since then), so this knife is at least 25 years old!

On the back of the knife is a money clip.


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0034 – Wenger Basic 63 (SOLD)

This knife is no longer in my collection

This is the 85mm Wenger Basic 63, an ultra light knife with -hence the name- a very basic but useful tool set.

It is also known under the names Entree and Classic 63 (with toothpick and tweezers) or under the name Evo 63 (with EvoGrip scales).

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0033 – Victorinox Solo (108mm)

This is the Victorinox Solo. It is from the discontinued 108mm series with nylon scales. It is a robust knife with only one large blade. There is also a knife called the Solo in the 93mm series with alox scales. The 111mm series also has a knife with only one blade, this is the Sentinel.

For some reason I have some difficulty catching the color of the scales on a photo. The scales are red but it depends on the light exposure if the color appears more towards red, red-violet or wine-red… interesting.

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