0047 – Victorinox Minichamp I (US Air Force)

This is a blue 58mm Minichamp I with United States Air Force seal on the front, instead of the Victorinox Shield. As far as I know the US Air Force Classic is the only “official” Victorinox knife with US Air Force logo, so I think this Minichamp is a modification someone made. Nevertheless it’s very nice to have!

As said it’s a Minichamp I, meaning it is the Minichamp in it’s original configuration. Later models have a cap lifter with Phillips screwdriver, and a ballpoint pen instead of the toothpick.

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0005 – Victorinox Vagabond (alox)

This is a small wonder: a lot of usefull tools in a very small 4 layered 58 mm Swiss Army Knife. The scissors and cap lifter have their own layer, but the other tools share one layer (meaning there is no liner between them). This makes the knife extra thin, but the downside is that tools may rub against each other.

The alox Vagabond is made exclusively for Swiss Bianco, a US/Canada based dealer. This olive drab (green) alox Vagabond is limited to 100 pieces.

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