0038 – Victorinox Classic SD (US Navy Chief of Naval Operations)

This is a blue 58mm Classic SD with United States Navy seal printed on the front, and the inscription “Chief of Naval Operations”.

Because the US Navy print is on the front side, the Victorinox shield is moved to the back:

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0037 – Victorinox DeLuxe (SOLD)

This knife is no longer in my collection

This is a brown 56mm Victorinox DeLuxe. It features the same tools as the Classic, but without toothpick and tweezers. It has brass scales with marbled enameled paint in brown.

Production of the DeLuxe series started in 1980 and ended in 1999.

This specific knife was made between 1980 and 1987, because since 1987 they feature a gold-colored Victorinox shield on the front.

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0036 – Victorinox Signature II (SOLD)

This knife is no longer in my collection

This is a blue 58mm Victorinix Signature. It is basically a Classic SD with a retractable ballpoint pen instead of the toothpick. The knife is called the Signature II to distinquish it from the earlier Signature model which has a removable pen instead of the retractable pen.

This knife has “Fargo FX’ printed on the front, which clearly refers to the Fargo TV-series which was broadcasted first on FX, and later on Netflix.

If you haven’t already watched this series, you should do so immediately! It is simply BRILLIANT!

Because the Fargo print is on the front, the Victorinox shield has moved to the backside.

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0035 – Wenger Commander (Europa Star Series)

This is a 85mm Wenger Commander from the Europa Star Series. In this series there are also an Esquire, a Traveler with synthetic scales and a Traveler with alox scales.

Instead of the Wenger logo these knives have the logo of the European Union, with the 12 stars on azure background.

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0034 – Wenger Basic 63 (SOLD)

This knife is no longer in my collection

This is the 85mm Wenger Basic 63, an ultra light knife with -hence the name- a very basic but useful tool set.

It is also known under the names Entree and Classic 63 (with toothpick and tweezers) or under the name Evo 63 (with EvoGrip scales).

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0033 – Victorinox Solo (108mm)

This is the Victorinox Solo. It is from the discontinued 108mm series with nylon scales. It is a robust knife with only one large blade. There is also a knife called the Solo in the 93mm series with alox scales. The 111mm series also has a knife with only one blade, this is the Sentinel.

For some reason I have some difficulty catching the color of the scales on a photo. The scales are red but it depends on the light exposure if the color appears more towards red, red-violet or wine-red… interesting.

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0032 – Victorinox Classic SD (Army Strong)

This is a black 58 mm Victorinox Classic SD with “Army Strong” inscription.

“Army Strong” was the recruiting slogan for the US Army from 2006 until 2015, when it was replaced by the “I became a soldier”-theme.

“Fort Leavenworth, KS” refers to the US Army installation at Leavenworth (also called the Intellectual Center of the Army), which -among other things- houses the US Army Combined Arms Center, the US Army Command and General Staff College, the Foreign Military Studies Office, the US Disciplinary Barracks and Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery.

Because on the front of the knife is the inscription, the Victorinox shield is moved to the back side.

external links: SAK Wiki   US Army Slogans (Wikipedia)   Fort Leavenworth (Wikipedia)

0031 – Victorinox Bijou SD (ARMY TACMS)

This is a red 58 mm Victorinox Bijou SD with inscription. A Bijou is basically a Classic without a keyring.

The “ARMY TACMS” refers to the Army Tactical Missile System, which is a long range guided surface-to-surface missile that is fired from a multiple rocket launcher like the M270 MLRS and HIMARS. The missiles are manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

The missiles were first used in action during the Gulf War in Operation Desert Storm (1991). I’m not sure but I think the “Combat Proven” inscription suggests this knife was made (shortly) after Operation Desert Storm to commemorate the first in combat use of the TACMS. The fact that Victorinox stopped manufacturing the Bijou model in that same period supports this assumption.

On the back side of the knife you’ll find the usual Victorinox shield.

external links: SAK Wiki   ARMY TACMS (Wikipedia)  ATACMS Firing (Youtube)

0030 – Victorinox Rover (SOLD)

This knife is no longer in my collection

This is a green 58 mm Victorinox Rover. It is similar to the Classic but has the scissors replaced with a Cap Lifter with flathead screwdriver tip.

The “Masters 2001” inscription refers to the 2001 golf Masters Tournament, where Tiger Woods won this tournament for the second time.

Because the Masters 2001 inscription is on the front, the Victorinox shield is moved to the back side.

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