0046 – Victorinox Modeler

The 91mm Modeler is a discontinued knife with an uncommon combination of tools. Its key features are the magnifier, inline Phillips screwdriver, scissors and metal saw/file. Combined with two knife blades, can opener, cap lifter, awl and corkscrew this might just be one of the most useful of all Swiss Army Knifes!

The scissors have the adjustable screw pivot, which Victorinox stopped using in 1991. Therefore, this knife is at least 25 years old! I’m very happy to have found one completely new in box!

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0045 – Victorinox Dutch Army Knife (2010 model)

This is the 111m Dutch Army Knife, the standard issue of the Dutch armed forces (army, air force and navy). This is the current model, in use since 2010.

It has two liner locked blades: one partial serrated main blade and one gutting/rescue blade. The cap lifter is also liner locked, so it can be used as a prybar.

The scales are green (olive drab) nylon, with the so called “interservice” logo of the Dutch armed forces.

The interservice logo represents three branches of the Dutch armed forces: the army, navy and air force.

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0044 – Victorinox Swiss shArK

This is a red 108mm special limited edition called the Swiss shArK. It’s serrated gutting blade gives it the name “shark” and the uppercase characters form SAK, which is the abbreviation of Swiss Army Knife. Only 52 pieces were made of this knife.

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0042 – Wenger Macao

This is the 65mm Wenger Macao, basically a luxury version of the common Wenger Esquire. It has 18 karat gold plated scales with marble green Chinese hand lacquer finish.

It is packaged in a blue jewelry box with grey-velvet lining, and also included is a black leather slip-case

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0041 – Victorinox Classic (US Mission Geneva)

This is a red 58mm Classic with the Great Seal of the United States alongside the text “U.S. Mission Geneva” on the front, instead of the Victorinox Shield.

U.S. Mission Geneva refers to the permanent diplomatic mission of the United States to the United Nations (and other international organizations) in Geneva.

The Great Seal of the United States consists of a bald eagle, holding a bundle of arrows in one claw, and an olive branch in the other. The eagle is looking towards the olive branch. This symbolizes the United States has a strong desire for peace, but will always be ready for war.

Above the bald eagle you see a so called “glory” with in the middle a six pointed star. The observant reader could now be thinking: wait, one six pointed star… this can’t be right ?! That is correct. The original Great Seal doesn’t have one star, it has 13 small stars arranged in the shape of a six pointed star. I don’t know why on the knife it has only one star. I think the metal inlay on the Victorinox scale don’t allow a small enough level of detailing to make 13 individual stars.

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