0045 – Victorinox Dutch Army Knife (2010 model)

This is the 111m Dutch Army Knife, the standard issue of the Dutch armed forces (army, air force and navy). This is the current model, in use since 2010.

It has two liner locked blades: one partial serrated main blade and one gutting/rescue blade. The cap lifter is also liner locked, so it can be used as a prybar.

The scales are green (olive drab) nylon, with the so called “interservice” logo of the Dutch armed forces.

The interservice logo represents three branches of the Dutch armed forces: the army, navy and air force.

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One thought on “0045 – Victorinox Dutch Army Knife (2010 model)”

  1. Fantastic SAK!
    The nearest I could get to one of these was a Dual Pro but the corkscrew just doesn’t look right on this mad looking knife!

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