0056 – Victorinox Soldier (KL83 Dutch Army Knife)

This is a Victorinox Soldier (model 1961), which was issued to the soldiers in the Dutch army. On the engraving panel is says “KL 83” which means it was issued to the soldiers in the Koninklijke Landmacht (Royal Army) in 1983. Before 1983 the Dutch army knives were made by a different manufacturer (Amefa). Since 1983 until now the Dutch army knives are made by Victorinox.

The knife has the old plain silver cross logo, a bail and brass liners.

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0049 – Wenger Standard Issue (1966)

This is a Wenger Standard Issue (model 1961), which was issued to the soldiers in the Swiss army.

The ’66’ blade stamp means this knife was manufactured in 1966.

The knife has a W-K stamp, which stands for Waffen Kontrol. It means the knife passed the Swiss army quality inspection.

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0008 – Victorinox Electrician

The Victorinox Electrician is a 93 mm alox model. It is similar to the very common Pioneer model, only it replaces the can opener with an Electrician’s blade (a sheepsfoot shaped blade with a wire scraper).

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